why henna hair dye is great

Perché l’ henné é salutare e il metodo migliore per applicarlo

Essendo un’ abitué dell’ henné, finalmente ecco qua il mio post sull’ henné come colorante naturale per capelli e sul metodo migliore di applicazione. Infatti non tutta l’henné disponibile sul mercato é la stessa, quindi qualita’ e metodo di applicazione fanno una differenza tra il giorno e la notte e come viene applicata fa una grossa differenza […]

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formulating vegan cosmetics

Formulating vegan cosmetics

Am I mistaken or vegan is becoming as popular as organic? when I go to green trade shows I see exhibitors promoting the vegan concept growing like mushrooms. In fact there is an increase in demand in vegan cosmetics. As a cosmetic formulator I wonder about the limitations and possibilities in formulating vegan cosmetics (vegan cosmetics do […]

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is organic healthier?

Organic healthier?

Recently I read an interesting article published on the British Journal of Nutrition. The article reported that organic produce has lower pesticide and higher antioxidant contents than non organic produce, opening a big debate about the value of organic. Is organic healthier? answering this question is like approaching a big animal blind folded, depending on […]

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natural cosmetics packaging solutions

Natural cosmetics packaging solutions

Developing a natural or organic cosmetic formulation is not just about delivering a pure cosmetic. It is also a green statement. The packaging with which you deliver your green statement is already half of the message, so if you have a completely natural beauty product or an organic one in PVC or plastic with BPA, it comes across as […]

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(Organatural is now renamed The Green Chemist Consultancy.)