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Many want natural, but few agree or understand on what natural is in the 21st century. In fact there is no official definition of “natural” and many cosmetics on the market claiming to be natural are mostly of petrochemical origin – you can verify this by looking at ingredients list.

However unless you are a cosmetic scientist navigating the claims and counter-claims can seem daunting or even meaningless. We help retailers, journalists, magazines and other organizations to understand and assess how natural a cosmetic product is, for example by reviewing and decoding  ingredients lists or INCI listings.

Misleading cosmetic claims – or “Greenwash” – have started to be appear above the radar of the advertising authorities in a variety of countries.  For example the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has recently intervened to stop misleading organic claims in baby’s range.

The Soil Association has also recently started a campaign for clarity about misleading organic claims, called “Come clean about beauty

Our service helps you to provide a value added offering to your audience and clients, saving them confusion, frustration and indeed possible disappointment.

(Organatural is now renamed The Green Chemist Consultancy.)